High Level Inspection Equipment

Working at a height poses many challenges, but getting instant “eyes-on” the project, takes the guesswork out of gutters. No ladders required!

Our range of high access camera inspection systems, enable a sole operator to quickly view high reach jobs up to 50ft, all from the safety of the ground. Attached to a telescopic inspection pole, the wireless camera systems can be elevated to the location. No wires, no wifi or internet required, the camera and LCD monitor connect instantly and securely via GSFK modulation mode. This image transmission allows for a more reliable, secure, and longer working distance along with instant on screen images.

Available in a range of options, from SurveyCam through to skyVac®, our high reach inspection systems are ideal for gutter, roof and chimney inspections.

Gutter Inspection
Camera Systems

Our range of Gutter Inspection systems are an ideal way to get “eyes on,” all from the safety of the ground. ...

Inspection Poles

For high access working, our range of telescopic poles covers a reach from 24 to 50ft across the skyVac® and SurveyCam™ range. ...

Inspection Equipment

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From the compact and lightweight skyVac® Mighty Atom through to the ultra-powerful and mobile skyVac® Interceptor with on board motor, whatever your gutter clearance requirements, we have the perfect model for you.

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