Internal High-Level

Keeping on top of internal high-level cleaning and maintenance, can be a real challenge.  How do you balance the cleaning schedules required for the health and safety of the business along with the cost and disruption caused by high access equipment, such as scaffolding? It’s no easy task, or is it?

Our range of skyVac® commercial vacuums, with high reach carbon fibre suction poles, are a cost-effective solution, to high level dusting.  A single operator can quickly, and effectively tackle dust that builds up on high beams, electrical tracts, air vents and windowsills.  With minimal training, a sole operator can quickly and effectively tackle dusty projects up to 40ft high, all from the safety of the ground.  With the telescopic suction poles, customisable angles, and brushes, getting to those awkward cobwebs and dusty sills, are now within easy reach.

So, if your idea of dusting involves working at height with ladders, costly and disruptive scaffolding and cherry pickers.  Or mountains of health and safety requirements and training – Then we have the solution for you.

Used in factories, airports, manufacturing facilities, shopping centres, churches and cathedrals (to mention but a few), our high access system makes high level cleaning a cost effective and easy process. 

To find out Why High-Level Cleaning is so Important, then read our blog.

Internal Cleaning Vacuums

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Internal High Reach Poles

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Vacuum Consumables

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Atex Zone 22 Vacuums

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Internal Accessories

Take a look at the wide range of internal accessories, for all interior cleaning needs. This text is a placeholder, until further text is added.

Atex Accessories

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From the compact and lightweight skyVac® Mighty Atom through to the ultra-powerful and mobile skyVac® Interceptor with on board motor, whatever your gutter clearance requirements, we have the perfect model for you.

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