Aluminium Angle Adaptor Elite Multi Tool Connector

Expand your cleaning services AND get yourself a durable and sturdy working angle for your equipment with the Aluminium EU Angle Adaptor.

Compatible with the NEW skyscraper® Roof Cleaning Brush and skyVac® Elite Multi-Connector, control the angle of your brush or roof scraping tool used with your high reach poles for the best cleaning results. Perfect for roof moss removal, this adapter features a an EU thread.

70.00 incl. VAT


Spread your payments over 3 years.


Transform your cleaning service into a HIGH REACH service and achieve the right working angle with the EU Adaptor.


Using the angle adapter you can attach your skyScraper® wire roof cleaning brush to a high reach telescopic pole, you can then customise the angle to achieve your desired result and start removing that pesky moss with ease!

You can also transform your high reach elite poles into a roof cleaning tool. Simply insert the skyVac® Elite multi connector into the top of the elite pole and attach the skyScraper head & blade roof cleaning tool into the angle adapter. Our skyVac® Elite poles and skyVac® Clamped poles are so much more than just a high access suction pole.


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