Gum Ranger Lite – Chewing Gum Removal System

This portable gum removal system gets rid of chewing gum stains, in seconds.  The lightweight comfy back pack with cleaning lance comes with a 4hr battery life, enabling the operator to cover a large project area.  Simply place the lance over the  gum, and the mix of steam and eco-friendly solution will evaporates the stain.  With no cables, coupled with fast and precise cleaning, there’s minimal disruption to the public.

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The self-contained Gum Ranger Lite backpack is the ideal solution for chewing gum removal in public spaces.  Quickly remove unsightly gum stains from tarmac, concrete and block paving.  It can also be used on entrance matting, commercial seating, hardwood and to remove sticky labels. 

How Does it work? 

It’s a combination of heated steam, eco-friendly solution and pressure that evaporates the gum stain.

A smart pump delivers 16ml of solution per minute into boiler which is housed in the cleaning lance.  The solution is then super-heated to 95-100C before exiting the tip of the lance as steam.  This is the optimum temperature for vaporising gum.

The cleaning solution is sugar surfactant based making it biodegradable and manufactured from sustainable sources.

The brush at the tip of the lance is agitated over the during the cleaning process, which dislodges the gum from the surface.  The brush tip can be changed to suit the surface being worked on (sold separately).

Incredibly safe and effective, the process leaves no chemical stains, smells or left over residue. It simply vanishes, leaving a clean, gum free surface.

A stubborn wad of gum that has blighted a surface for years… can be removed in just 3-5 seconds.

A Lightweight system:

The padded backpack houses 2 x 350g gas cannisters along with 2 Litres of eco-friendly  detergent solution.  Fully loaded, this weighs 7.5kg. and features a handy control unit for easy use.

The lance, which houses the boiler, weighs just 2kgs and is angled for use.  Constructed from stainless steel, light weight carbon fibre and brass, the heated element is low to the ground making it easy to control and light weight for prolonged use.

The compact backpack (520mm x 330mm) has a fully adjustable harness system for optimum fit and comfort.  With padded, adjustable straps for the shoulders and waist, along with a “floating” centre strap.

Quick and easy to set up, and with minimal training required.  With 4 hours of continuous use battery life, and a robust build, the system can safely be used for prolonged periods of time.

Discreet and Targeted Cleaning: 

Ideal for public spaces, and busy areas, the Gum Ranger lite causes minimum disruption to the working area.  The operator is totally mobile, and can move from stain to stain without the working area having to be cordoned off.  This process is silent and odour free.

The Gum Ranger lite is powered by a rechargeable Lithium battery (2900mAh) allowing the operator to work with complete freedom.  With a 4 hour battery life, the operator can cover a large area the inconvenience of trailing cables or the need for an external power source.  The system can be recharged in 3-4 hours.

Ready to go: 

Supplied with the “Gum Service Pack”, the Gum Ranger Lite has everything you need to get started.  With 2 x gas cannisters, 4 x 2 Litres of solution and 4 brushes (2 x brass for concrete & tarmac), 2 nylon brushes for carpet.

The Gum Ranger Lite is a fast, effective and environmentally friendly solution to discarded gum. 

Gum Ranger Lite – Chewing Gum Removal System

  • Self-contained, portable and extremely lightweight unit
  • 100% user-friendly, safe to use in public areas
  • Completely silent operation – For day time or night time use
  • No need to plug into electricity – no hazardous trailing leads to trip over or noisy generators
  • Eco friendly cleaning solution that evaporates leaving no harmful chemical residue
  • Robust build with lithium battery


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