Honda slipStream™ Pro 12 with 18″ Surface Cleaner

For professional results cleaning patios, driveways, paths and block paving you can rely on the Honda SlipStream Pro 12 Pressure Washer. This exceptionally powerful pressure washer is ideal for professional surface cleaning and so much more. It’s easy to use functionality makes both the pressure washer and 18” surface cleaner ideal for homeowners or start-up exterior cleaning business owners.

Delivering 12LM water flow and 150bar / 2175PSI, this package is an excellent investment for anyone looking to clean up all types of outdoor floor areas with precision and ease.

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2,160.00 incl. VAT


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For the ultimate patio and driveway cleaning experience, look no further than the SlipStream Pro 12 and 18” Surface Cleaner package. With the capabilities to clean 20spm in just 45 minutes, this pressure washing package is the perfect bit of kit when it comes to cleaning all different types of driveways, paving and patios!

Designed specifically for patio & driveway cleaning in mind, the SlipStream Pro 12 and Surface Cleaner is ideal for homeowners, exterior cleaning business start-ups, as well as established companies looking to expand the services they currently provide.

Both compact and easy to manoeuvre, the unit is easy to transport and fits neatly in the van. This compatibility makes the duo ideal for those on-the-go jobs.

The 18” Surface Cleaner is built to a high standard and with a width of 18” it makes cleaning those dirty driveways or algae infested patios an easy task!

Key Features:

  • Italian Interpump
  • Mounted on robust trolley
  • Direct feed from a tap or suck from a tank
  • Low oil shut down
  • Robust long life pump with ceramic pistons

Cleaning coverage in a typical working day:

  •        Block Paving: 250 square metres
  •        Paving Slabs: 300 square metres
  •        Concrete: 375 square metres


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