skyVac® Rigid Neck Kit

Now features NEW Elite Hairpin Neck Tool Holder, unique design innovation from skyVac® to minimise blockages and improve air flow.

Ideal for tough gutter clearing projects – for faster results, greater accuracy, and control without troublesome blockages.  A great upgrade for the standard for the 44mm suction pole set up.

The kit comprises a NEW Elite Hairpin neck tool holder, TWO Elite end tools, and a tapered end 1.5 metre pole. The Perfect addition to your skyVac® Atom or Commercial Gutter Vacuum.

Spinaclean Website: FREE scalloped Elite aluminium end tool worth £31.20 (inc Vat)*

330.00 incl. VAT


Spread your payments over 3 years.

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The rigid structure of the carbon fibre neck allows the user greater control and direction for those high-level gutter challenges.  Designed to accommodate the NEW Elite Hairpin 135 Degree Rigid Neck Tool holder, the 1.5 metre push fit pole is tapered from 50mm at the top end to 44mm at the base to slot into the standard suction poles.  The kit is a handy upgrade to your standard 44mm push fit carbon fibre poles.

Unique design innovation from skyVac®, NEW Elite Hairpin neck tool holder. features a curved neck, with an enlarged passageway to improve air and debris movement through the 135-degree bend.  This spacious bend eases and eliminates the bottlenecks caused by gutter debris.  

This SkyVac® Rigid Neck Accessory Kit comprises:

  1. NEW *Elite Hairpin 135 Degree rigid neck tool holder.
  2. Tapered 1.5 metre carbon fibre pole (compatible with 44mm standard poles).

*European Community Design Registration Number 008458913

Two End Tools: 

  1. Elite dirt breaker end tool – Ideal for everyday gutter cleaning.
  2. NEW Elite Scalloped End Tool – which features a curved end to speed up gutter cleaning by 1) improving air flow 2) shaped edges slice through gutter

Spinaclean website Exclusive, this handy upgrade to your 44mm poles, now features TWO Elite end tools.

Key Features:

    • Slots into 44mm SkyVac® Suction Poles supplied as standard with the Atom and Commercial machines to allowing the user to achieve the desired working height.
    • Elite Rigid Neck Tool holder is compatible with Elite end tools.
    • Sturdy construction ideal for pinpoint accuracy and greater control.
    • Hard wearing and long-lasting construction.


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