SkyScraper 24ft Package

Safe & effective moss removal, all from the safety of the ground.  The complete telescopic kit for unsightly roof moss removal. 

Simply select the blade to suit the roof tile profile, attach to SkyScraper along with the telescopic pole height of your choice, position at the top of the roof and pull down towards you to quickly and effectively remove moss from all types of roof designs.

Compatible with a wide variety of telescopic poles including SkyPole, SkyScraper can be used from the safety of the ground and also from elevated platforms up to five storeys.

Included as Standard: SkyScraper Head, Selection of 11 blades, Skyscraper Wire Brush, angle adaptor and 24ft Telescopic Pole. Also included is 1 x skyScraper Roof Cleaning Brush

700.00 incl. VAT


Spread your payments over 3 years.


  • Easy to use locking mechanism to swap blades over quickly
  • Adjustable crank to suit gradient of roof
  • Adjustable multi-directional head to suit the roof angle and to allow moss removal from
    dormer window roofs
  • Collapses down to 174cm for easy storage.

NB:  24ft Pole is BLUE 

SkyScraper Head & 11 Blades:

  • Customise:  the right blade profile to suit the tile, for an effective clean
  • Adjustable angle:  Tailor your skyscraper head for the perfect working angle.  Simply adjust using the locking lever and angle crank.  Tilt the head Up or down to accommodate your working height.  Working around obstacles, or at an angle? Then tilt the head left or right (handy on projects with dormer Windows)
  • Versatile:  Quick to set up system with easily interchangeable blades.  Work from the safety of the ground or from a platform to remove moss.
  • High Access:  Can be used from the ground or from an elevated platform up to five storeys high.

Skyscraper Wire Brush & Angle Adaptor: 

  • For Edges, overlaps and nooks and crannies:  The stiff wire bristles get into those difficult spots, brushing away those persistant pesky moss crumbs.
  • Adjustable angle:  Use the angle adaptor to tailor the working angle, or rotate the brush to get to where you need to.
  • Thorough Cleaning: Perfect for finishing up after roof blading, as the brush can easily get along the tile edges.

Telescopic Pole comparison Chart

Why remove moss from roofs? 

Apart from being very unsightly, moss on roofs also affects the drainage of rainwater away from the roof. Moss can impede the flow of water on route to the gutter, and also fall into guttering systems, inhibiting the flow of water away from the property. Water will always find its way past an obstacle invariably causing the gutters to overflow, and can in turn cause very expensive damp repairs on homes.


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