skyVac® Atom Filter

Replacement filter bag with internal housing for skyVac® Atom to help keep your vacuum running smoothly.

90.00 incl. VAT


Spread your payments over 3 years.


Keeping your filter in top condition is essential for keeping your skyVac® Mighty Atom working at its best.  Working hard to protect your suction motor from relentless dirt and debris, filters need to be replaced on a regular basis.  Constant use can wear out the fabric, with worn areas and holes allowing dust particles to get into the motor.

We recommend cleaning your filter at the end of every project, using a stiff brush, or a good rinse with the garden hose.  Always start each day with a clean and dry filter and make sure the replace with a “box fresh” new one, every four months.

The listing is for the filter replacement kit which includes, a new filter bag, basket and outer ring.  If your casing and basket are still in good condition then filter bags are available to purchase separately.


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