SkyVac Bacuum

Floor to ceiling cleaning solution – HEPA Filter Bag (Basket) Included

Portable & versatile cleaning for challenging locations.  This comfortable and lightweight back-pack vacuum is ideal for lifts and stairwells, or for projects with tight seating such as public transport and cinemas or theatres. Whilst the telescopic pole puts beams and ledges up to (28ft) in easy reach.

Available as Mains / Battery powered and in Four Height Packages.

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Don’t let a cannister vac, hold you back! For the freedom to clean in tight spots and challenging locations, the skyVac Bacuum is the floor to ceiling cleaning solution – HEPA Filter Bag (Basket) Included

Lightweight, with a padded harness for wearer comfort, the system allows you to go where the dirt is.  From floor level dirt, to high level cobwebs – we’ve got you covered.

  • Ideal for stairs and lifts, or tight seated areas such as public transport, cinemas, stadiums, large venues, churches … the list is endless!
  • For targeted high access cleaning, the telescopic suction pole gives you easy access to ledges, beams, pipes and ducting.

Floor to Ceiling – Portable Cleaning!

skyVac Bacuum System: 

Portable / Comfortable:

Wearer experience is at the forefront of the clever design- with everything you need within easy reach.

In addition to padded straps, the cannister sits away from the operators back, to allow air to circulate.  This prevents heat build-up, and improves comfort for long periods of cleaning.

  • Fully padded and ergonomically designed shoulder & waist straps, as well as chest strap. All adjustable for a customised fit.
  • Built up padding for extra comfort against the wearers back.  Two separate shoulder, and one lower back pads.
  • Power housing can be clipped around the waist for easy on / off access.
  • Accessories clip to the side of the drum.

Versatile / Mobile Cleaning:

For the freedom to roam where the dirt is, the vacuum is available as a battery or mains powered option.

With four different height packages to choose from, you’ll be able to reach all high areas you might have previously missed, as well as the nooks and crannies on the ground that are a struggle to get to with larger cleaning equipment.

Clean areas with ease, with a long 15m power cord or battery option, you’ll never have to worry again about if your system is going to reach the outlet.

  • The Bacuum also features a 360° Swivel joint, for unlimited mobility.
  • Perfect for narrow entrances, stairs and rooms.

Mains / Battery Powered Options: 

  • Mains: 15M of power cord for a wide cleaning area.
  • Battery:  For total cleaning freedom – don’t let access to plug sockets hold you back!  Comes with 2 x 18V batteries, each with a 42 minute run time.  Extra fast recharging time (one hour).

High Access Telescopic Poles: 

Constructed of lightweight carbon fibre, the innovative suction pole can access high level projects up to 8.5M (28FT) – all from the safety of the ground.

Made of premium high modulus carbon fibre, the suction pole is incredibly lightweight at just 195gms per metre. With a rigid construction that ensures maximum control at full height, to reach exactly where you need it to be. The space saving telescopic design collapses down to just 5ft7* for easy storage and transport, but is also quick to extend to maximum height.


  • 4M (13.1Ft) – Pole Kit
  • 5.5M (18.1Ft) Pole Kit – Includes a 1.5M Suction Pole
  • 7M (23Ft) – Pole Kit
  • 8.5M (28Ft Pole Kit – Includes a 1.5M Suction Pole

Targeted High Level Cleaning:

For precision cleaning, the skyVac Bacuum, comes with two angled tool holders along with six specialist end brushes.

For tackling a range of locations from windowsills, beams, vents, radiators and more, a set of six brushes are also included to make the inaccessible, accessible. Choose from; a soft round brush, large black pivot brush, small sidewinder, large white straight brush, radiator brush and a small half round vac brush. For all of your internal cleaning needs.

Angled Neck tool Holders:

  • 1 x 65° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder
  • 1 x 155° Carbon Fibre Tool Holder


  • 1 x Soft Round Brush
  • 1 x Large Black Pivot Brush
  • 1 x Small Sidewinder/ Flexi Neck Brush
  • 1 x Large White Straight Brush
  • 1 x Radiator Brush
  • 1 x Small Half Round Vac Brush

To find out “Why High-Level Cleaning is Important” why not read our Blog. 

Additional information

Power Type

Battery, Mains

Pole Length

4m/13ft Pole, 5.5m/18ft Pole, 7m/23ft Pole, 8.5m/28ft Pole


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