SlipStream™ Pro 21GT with 24″ Surface Cleaner

Power through large patios, driveways and a variety of other surface areas with our reliable Honda GX390 engine and 24” Surface Cleaner, made to handle any cleaning task.

The pressure washer and surface cleaner offer incredibly powerful cleaning, suitable for a range of property types, but particularly useful for commercial properties with paths, patios or driveways that need a thorough clean.

With its sleek design and unique features, the Pro 21GT really is the ultimate machine for others to measure up against.

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The SlipStream Pro 21 GT With 24″ Surface Cleaner.

Exclusively designed with Patio and Driveway cleaning at the forefront, the SlipStream Pro 21GT contains several unique features, setting it apart from other pressure washer packages.

Made to tackle any surface cleaning job thrown at it, the Pro 21GT is ideal for a variety of exterior cleaning tasks including cleaning driveways, patios, paths, car parks, block paving and more!

It’s powered by a 13hp Honda GX390 engine, allowing a high pressure flow rate of 20 litres per minute. This package comes complete with a triple arm 24” surface cleaner which allows larger surface areas to be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

The Pro 21GT enables a pressure of up to 3450psi and a maximum bar pressure of 230. This powers the triple arm surface cleaner, which creates a fan from the nozzles to provide effective cleaning. This packages also comes with a Fan Lance and a Turbo Lance, for optimum cleaning where you need it. These two pressure washing lances provide the operator with more versatility and flexibility in their cleaning, and enables them to tackle a variety of surfaces. This system is also equipped with automatic speed control, meaning that when the trigger is released, the revs will drop which saves fuel and preventing chances of over-heating, and wear and tear.

Other features include shock absorbing buffers (front and rear), a parking brake, pressure regulator valve, large exhaust protection cover, suction/return hose, and an on-board hose reel with 20 metres of power hose. The suction/return hose has a weighted filter so that damaging particles do not enter your machine and hinder its performance over time, thereby prolonging and preserving your surface cleaner. With 20 metres of power hose, this allows the operator to be more flexible with their cleaning, and more manoeuvrability, making cleaning easier and quicker.

This versatile package can clean larger surface areas easily and efficiently with the 24” surface cleaner, and can also target smaller spaces or provide precision cleaning with the Fan Lance and Turbo Lance. This system can tackle a range of surface types, including:

  • Block Paving / Concrete / Flagstone / Tarmac / Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Decking
  • Car Parks
  • Garden Features
  • Garden Furniture
  • Dwarf Walls
  • Cars / Vans / Lorries / Trailers / Motorbikes
  • Shopping/ Leisure centres
  • Industrial Estates

Over the course of a day you could clean:

  •  Block Paving: 400 sqm
  •  Paving Slabs: 500 sqm
  •  Concrete: 600 sqm
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Automatic speed control: when the trigger is released the revs drop saving fuel & preventing chances of over-heating & wear and tear
  • 13HP GX390 Honda Petrol Engine
  • On-board power hose reel with 20 Metres of Power Hose included as standard
  • High water flow pressure of 20 litres per minute
  • Shock absorbing buffers, front and rear
  • Parking Brake
  • Pressure regulator valve
  • Suction hose for maximum water flow performance
  • Large exhaust protection cover


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